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About Léon Borrack

Léon Borrack was born in Melbourne in 1972 and grew up in a rural environment north of the city. His father is an artist, his mother is a textile designer and his brother is a musician. He became the black sheep of the family by pursuing a career in engineering.

Awarded an Aerospace Engineering degree from RMIT in 1993, Léon set off to change the world of aircraft design. Although there were few opportunities to do just that in Australia, he did realise early on that he had a natural affinity for communication and business not shared by most engineers.

Working for Honeywell in 1995, he relocated to Albuquerque, USA to assist in the development phase of a large military project. From here his engineering career grew to span engineering management, subcontract management and project management. At various times living in Australia, USA and the UK he has worked with companies based across Asia, Europe and North America. Above all else, broad international exposure taught him the effectiveness of good communication.

A yearning to pursue a more creative career persisted. For many years Léon involved himself in graphic design projects for community groups. In 2005, whilst living in Melbourne again, he completed a course of study in Graphic Design at Shillington College.

From his studios in Melboune and Gisborne, he now brings his unique mix of skills and experience to the commercial world of graphic design and web design.