Leon Borrack Graphic Design




What's all the plus about?

Léon Borrack's philosophy is that good design is good business. It must benefit the client and help them achieve their goals. Its success is the impact it has on business growth. He talks about achieving more and here is how he goes about it:

1. Greater Recognition

A brand is a business's livelihood. Good or bad, it conjures an image in the mind of its customers. Visual identity has a powerful influence over that image. A strong, well conceived visual image will draw attention, enhance brand perception and increase recognition.

2. Distinctive Design

The design must help to differentiate its subject. Potential customers have limited time and attention. When most products or services are viewed as commodities, distinctive design provides an edge. It commands attention and gets results.

3. Concept

Good design is rooted in good concept. Design should be driven by meaning derived from the clients needs. The process of resisting the obvious and pursuing a unique perspective can produce something extraordinary.

4. Greater Understanding

The client may know what they want to say, but to communicate with the target audience a designer must understand the client. Achieving powerful visual communications as an output requires listening as an input. Clear communication at all levels increases understanding and dramatically increases the effectiveness of design.

5. Appropriate Decisions

A solution must be fit for purpose. It must achieve the brief but it must also do it efficiently. Whether it be the selection of concept or suppliers; paper or colours, each decision must be appropriate for the client. It must account for message, demographic, medium and cost. Ultimately, appropriate decisions provide value for money.

6. Expectations

Nothing frustrates like promises that don't come true. A designer must know how to manage time and suppliers. Most importantly expectations (the plan and progress) must be continually shared with with the client.