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Why is design important?

Design is visual communication. Its intention is to convey a message. To be successful it must be creative and appeal to its intended audience.

To communicate with someone you have to be noticed. Visual appeal helps you be noticed. Good design engages the interest of your audience and helps them understand your message. But it can also do something else. At its best, design appeals to people in a way that draws them to your message. To want to be part of it. They become a supporter of you or your brand. It's an emotional connection that can transform your success.

The power of printed material and the web is to amplify your message. When you advertise, print or publish on the Web, you spend valuable time and money to get your message out there. Most of your expense occurs whether you have good or bad design. When good design can achieve so much, why would you waste your resources by amplifying something bad?

Graphic Design that draws a crowd

Léon Borrack Graphic Design is a full service graphic design studio. From concept through to print I will continuously strive to deliver creative designs that surpass your expectations. I believe the role of graphic design is to raise your profile and promote your competitive advantage.

Visual Identity

Strong, individual visual identity differentiates your organisation or brand in the marketplace. Your visual identity is the most tangible element of your public image and should project your corporate culture and strategy. Consistent application of a high quality visual identity across your promotional material establishes and reinforces recognition of your brand.

Logo Design

A logo is the basic building block of your visual identity. It must be flexible enough to be able to be applied to different media. To obtain prominence, it should be simple, eye-catching and unique. I understand the power of creating a logo that sells in seconds and is recalled for life. I work with you to create a visual identity that will help to power your business to success.

Business Cards and Stationery Design

Sympathetic application of your visual identity to business cards and stationery is a fundamental basis for looking professional. What's more, it's one of the key ways to reinforce your brand.

Brochures & Flyers

At every stage of the sales and marketing cycle, striking printed literature will enhance your prospects. Good design will attract and engage the attention of your audience. Used in conjunction with a strong, consistent visual identity, it will also dramatically enhance recall of your organisation or brand. Now you are building brand loyalty.


In a commercial world, packaging serves more than a utilitarian role. At the pointy end of sales, packaging often has the final word. The effective application of harmonised package and graphic design, creates a wonderful opportunity for separating your products from the mundane. Well designed packaging adds value to products.


Advertising space doesn't come cheap, but the fact is consumers respond. Making sure it is effective is vital. How do you get your audience to notice when there is so much visual clutter competing for their attention? This is when striking design gives you the edge.

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