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Why is design important?

Design is visual communication. Its intention is to convey a message. To be successful it must be creative and appeal to its intended audience.

To communicate with someone you have to be noticed. Visual appeal helps you be noticed. Good design engages the interest of your audience and helps them understand your message. But it can also do something else. At its best, design appeals to people in a way that draws them to your message. To want to be part of it. They become a supporter of you or your brand. It's an emotional connection that can transform your success.

The power of printed material and the web is to amplify your message. When you advertise, print or publish on the Web, you spend valuable time and money to get your message out there. Most of your expense occurs whether you have good or bad design. When good design can achieve so much, why would you waste your resources by amplifying something bad?

Visual communications

...from a unique perspective

Léon Borrack operates a professional design studio that creates distinctive graphic and web designs. He is passionate about helping organisations of all sizes achieve more by providing them with creative designs that not only look great, but enhance their message in the marketplace.

With over a decade of experience as a manager in the corporate environment, Léon Borrack brings a unique set of skills to the process of design.

"I understand the realities and challenges of the modern organisation as well as the people who work in it. I understand the necessity to differentiate your product or service and of course, the conclusiveness of the bottom line. As a project manager, I understand the importance of process and possess the skills to define, plan and execute jobs of all scale."

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Managing your project

Engaging a designer comes with uncertainties. You don't know what the final product is going to look like - if you did, you probably wouldn't need a designer! Many people find creative people difficult to communicate with. And because creativity is right brained, designers don't always have the skills to manage a job as you would expect. With all these issues, you may start to wonder whether your project will be finished on time, or even if it will meet your objectives.

I have worked as a project manager in the corporate environment for over ten years. I know the importance of clear and regular communications. I not only listen, but I make sure I understand my clients and they understand me. Having managed complex military and commercial projects, you can be assured that I know how to plan, schedule and execute your project without unpleasant surprises. I will always ensure that the most appropriate suppliers are used and that you receive outstanding value for money.

Working with you

When I work with you, I do more than create stunning designs. I create designs that work. After all, what use is a great looking brochure or Web site if it doesn't meet the brief. From the outset, I want to understand your business objectives, the image you want to project and the demographic you are targeting. All this feeds the design process to create visual communications that achieve more.