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Why is design important?

Design is visual communication. Its intention is to convey a message. To be successful it must be creative and appeal to its intended audience.

To communicate with someone you have to be noticed. Visual appeal helps you be noticed. Good design engages the interest of your audience and helps them understand your message. But it can also do something else. At its best, design appeals to people in a way that draws them to your message. To want to be part of it. They become a supporter of you or your brand. It's an emotional connection that can transform your success.

The power of printed material and the web is to amplify your message. When you advertise, print or publish on the Web, you spend valuable time and money to get your message out there. Most of your expense occurs whether you have good or bad design. When good design can achieve so much, why would you waste your resources by amplifying something bad?

Web sites that are addictive

Léon Borrack Graphic Design demystifies the Web so you can achieve maximum advantage from an online presence. Understanding the way people interact with the Web is vital to ensuring that designs are effective. I create designs that provide your potential customers with an experience that enhances your business's reputation.

User Experience

I focus on the big picture of a Web site - visual presentation, interaction, speed, and finding your site in the first place. User experience should drive the design solution and ultimately the technical implementation. I want customers to be influenced by your site and I want them to come back.

Living sites

The Web is an evolving medium. A prime consideration for site design is providing your customers with a fresh experience. I design unique Web sites that incorporate elements that can change over time. I want to make your site feel alive. Alive is engaging, alive is interactive and alive is addictive.

Production Management

Design and user experience are vital but a good site requires sophisticated technical knowledge to develop. I use my skills as an engineering manager to assess the most efficient way to implement a design. Often I will outsource part or all of the implementation to the most suitable supplier. It's all about what's appropriate for your requirements, your schedule and your budget. My experience as a Project Manager makes me unique because it frees me from the constraint of in-house skills and provides the most effective solution for your site.


Unlike printed material, a Web site needs to interact and respond to the users. Entertaining sites attract attention and engage the user in new and exciting ways. Useable sites have a logical structure, intuitive navigation and easy to read copy. They load quickly. I make sure the balance is right so that users not only get the information they want quickly and easily, but they enjoy the experience.

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